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Bovec, Slovenia

Hi, my name is Anja and I'm a foodie.

A foodie is considered a person, keenly interested in food, especially eating and cooking. I enjoy both. Big part of getting on this foodie path has to do with my father's delicious cooking, which gave me the enthusiasm for food in general.

I enjoy known food but even more I love exploring new kinds of it. I like to live by "Eat well, travel often". Food is a big part of my travels. I like to experience local and traditional food (as much as it can be). I am one of those people who take pics of food. My greatest hobby is trying out new places & food and share my experience with others. That's why this blog is dedicated for all the foodies from a foodie, who likes to wander.


In my blog you will find recommendations of food, food spots and other places worth visiting. I hope you find it useful. Enjoy!

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